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Video game walk throughs
Empire Earth II walk throughs for PC
Empire Earth II Computer game cover rating:


5.1)-----------The Early Helladic Peoples: 10,000-2,000BC--------------



Difficulty (1-5): 1

Fun (1-5): 2

Overview: Steal a dock, sail across a river, and make a few



You start off with an easy mission, invade a city with more

people and better technology, and take over their ships and sail to a

new land... OK maybe it's not so simple. When you start off get your

some of your citizens and start chopping the down the forest closest to

your town center. Take the others and kill a goat and take its food.

Now take 1 citizen and make a barracks then put the citizen back to

work. Start making rock throwers and clubmen. Upgrade them if you want.

Train guys until you’re out of both iron and gold if you want there is

some gold southwest of your town center but you don't need it. Now

start heading west, leave your citizens for now.


When you reach the hostile city follow the coast and look for

the dock. Kill anybody who attacks you and one of those heroes can heal

so you shouldn't be hurting too bad. Start making transports, and when

you're ready to leave gather your citizens and shove off. Oh before you

leave make sure you have at least 500 wood.


Sail west and if you get attacked at sea just ignore them

until you get to the coast. Land on the coast and continue west until

you come to a big plateau. Get your citizens to make a settlement,

barracks and a temple there. Wasn't that an easy game?






5.2)--------------Warriors From the Sea: 2,000-1,500BC-----------------



Difficulty (1-5): 4

Fun (1-5): 3

Overview: Escape from an island, make an army and kill 2 town



You start off on an island with a few citizens and some sword

guys. Your objective here is to get off the island as fast as possible.

First build a capitol and start chopping some wood. Then build a dock

and make 3 or 4 war rafts, and a few transports. There’s gold to the

east if you need it, it's guarded by a few guys who are easy to kill. I

wouldn't recommend getting this gold, all it will do is lengthen your

stay on the island. If you stay on the island too long (way too long)

the Minoans will slaughter you with a huge army, you don't stand a

chance, don't think you do.


When you set sail head north. There will probably be a whole

lot of offensive BATTLESHIP'S!!! What you do is when you run into a

battleship just attack it with one of your ships, and leave that ship

behind. Don't let any of your transports die. You don't stand a chance

against the battleships, don't try to win (you don't stand a chance

against much do you?) Anyway get to the island; it's not a very far

sail, BTW its north incase you didn't know.


Once on the island you can get to the Argos plateau on your

map without running into any enemies. You'll be left alone here pretty

much except for a few stone throwers but those are easy. Your first

goal is to get the copper age. Get a bunch of food, and iron and get

into the copper age! Once you upgraded epochs you have unlimited food

(granaries) and good long range troops (simple bowmen). Build a lot of

macemen, and bowmen, and upgrade them too. If you want stone for some

reason it southwest of your plateau but you may have to fight off some

cavalry to get to it.


Your mission is to destroy 2 town centers. 1 city is still in

stone age, while the other 2 have lots of horses. First you need to

kill the one to the west of where you are. For this you'll need simple

bowmen, macemen, and sampsons. Right now sampsons are your closest

thing to a siege weapon you're gonna get. Go in first with your bowmen

and macemen and kill all the horsies. Then just head in with sampsons

and destroy the town center and other buildings. Feel free to take the

stone that they were using. When you take the stone you can build

hospitals to heal your wounded. You can also build a few towers to

guard what’s yours (or attack what’s not yours*grin*).


Now that the first town is out of the way you can

go onto to the Messenians. They are southwest of the last town you

leveled, be careful there are still Achaian horsemen around, because

the have another village in the northwest corner. When you attack the

Messenians you'll notice they have towers, destroy these fast with your

sampsons, and guard your sampsons with your bowmen. After the first

tower is dead head in and kill another. After that it should be really

easy, all your bowmen can kill any of their troops with 2 or 3 hits.

Just use the sampsons on the town center and you won.






5.3)------------------The Trojan War: 1,300-1,100BC--------------------



Difficulty (1-5): 3

Fun (1-5): 5

Overview: Get army from some people, kill some guys, and get a

Trojan horse!


First thing you do here is build a granary for food, then

take some citizens and go southeast to get some wood and stone. You

need lots of wood in this one so don't hold back, but don't neglect

stone. After you get your citizens situated put Agamemnon on a

transport and head to each of the 3 islands, don't worry nothing will

attack you, you only need Agamemnon. With each island you visit you'll

get more units, and more ships. By the time you're done you'll have 10

battleships, and 5 Odyssean transports.


Now the game tells you to invade Troy, but that's not what

you’re gonna do, since you don't have a big enough army yet. What you

are gonna do is invade the city north of your city. There aren't many

towers so it'll be easy, I managed to do it without losing a single

guy. First send a citizen scout to find the passage to their city and

then unload your army out at the beginning of that passage. Kill

anything on your path. Once you get to the towers; kill them one at a

time with some sampsons. Once you get to the gate use your sampsons to

tear it down. Inside the city, destroy any troops there, and also

destroy the barracks, ect so they'll leave you alone. After blowing

everything up you'll have unguarded iron and gold at your disposal.

Also you'll get some civilization points. Just send over some citizens,

make 2 settlements, 1 next to gold, and 1 next to iron. Then select 5

citizens and populate one into a town center. Then just build a bunch

more citizens for your use.


Now that you have practically unlimited resources of every

type start making an army like no other. If you haven’t gotten the

population cap + 15% bonus yet I suggest you use the points from

destroying the city to get this. With your resources you can also

upgrade everything you have to its fullest. Build up lots and lots of

units, max out your population. I recommend a few prophets, a bunch of

bowmen and macemen, and about 5 or 6 sampsons. Don't forget you need

enough transports. And don't worry nothing will attack you so take your

time, even go AFK while you get money if you want, you’re totally safe.

While you are getting resources and building an army send those

battleships of yours and destroy the Trojan fleet, all over the east



Think you're ready? Well, let’s see. If your whole army can

fit on the Odyssean transports supplied to you, your army isn't big

enough. Also cram on board some citizens, get the ones who aren't

mining stone. Give them their own transport (put 10 citizens in it),

also keep this transport separate from the rest so you don't unload all

your citizens and then die. When you’re navigating the sea with your

battleships you'll come across a fleet of 5 battleships, kill them and

then stop here. This is where you will unload your troops. You must

have all the kings meet here first, so make sure their on the

transports too.


When you land Agamemnon will spot the towers north of you,

and says the camp must be far from them, well you heard him... make

camp. Unload your citizens and make a wall to enclose your troops, make

a gate so you can get in and out, but the Trojans can't, and then line

then wall with towers. You should have upwards of 6000 stone, so don't

skimp on the towers! Also inside your camp you should build a few

barracks, archery ranges, stables, a hospital, and a temple. Now just

use hit and run tactics. Hit them a couple of times with an archer or

better yet, cast malaria with a prophet the run back to camp, let the

archers and towers kill them. After you get rid of the standing army,

send in your sampsons along with Agamemnon to heal. Use them to kill

the 2 towers then attack the gate. When you attack the gate you'll get

a message saying it's hopeless. Gather your kings back at the beach and

you'll be instructed to build a temple up north. Clear a path for your

citizens, and build a temple. Or even easier just put them on a

transport and sail them up there!


After you build the temple watch the Trojan Horse pop up out

of nowhere with no cool special effects at all. Anyway load it up with

troops, and be sure to set their unit behavior to stand ground or else

they'll attack the temples and you were told not to do that. Be sure to

put the elite troops you got from the kings in there, a few archers,

and some sampsons. Don't bring a prophet thinking you can just use

malaria, because it's disabled once you get in. Just kill the king afar

with your archers, he won't do anything. Use your elite troops to kill

anything that goes after the archers. And use the sampsons to kill the

archery range, stable, and barracks. Once the king is dead kill his

guards, then move in with your sampsons. After the palace falls you







5.4)-----------------The Rise of Athens: 1,000-500BC-------------------



Difficulty (1-5): 3

Fun (1-5): 4

Overview: Defeat 3 villages, ally with them, and destroy an



In this one you have to destroy 3 villages to secure your

safety on the island. The first one you will attack is Aphidna (in the

middle). After you kill them you will have stone, gold, and iron and a

base right between the other 2 cities. First thing you do is make a

granary for food, and make as many citizens as you can. Take about 5

citizens and make them get food then make the rest get wood. Now use

all your resources to make an army, make it good, this army will need

to kill an entire city. Make a few bowmen, macemen, horsemen. Don't

worry about sampsons, you won't be destroying any buildings. When you

used all your resources get your army and the 5 noblemen and Theseus.

Take them to the middle village and destroy the army. Use the priest

supplied to convert some guys. Bring Theseus and 2 noblemen to the town

center (be sure not to blow it up). Now they ally with you. Now take

some of your citizens and bring them up to the stone, iron, and gold.

Build a settlement right in the middle. Once you get a settlement make

all your citizens get stone. Mine until you have 500 stone, then make a

Temple of Zeus. Now cut your citizens in half and make half mine gold

and half get iron.


Now build up a bigger army and attack Pallene, their even

smaller than Aphidna so it will be easy. After the army is dead bring

Theseus and 2 noblemen to the town center to get them to ally with you.

Now go to the last city, Eleusis, and tear down their gate with your

sampsons. Just run inside and kill the army, if you don't think you can

do it on your own use a flare; your 2 allies will come running in.

After you defeat them you get some money. Start making some bowmen back

in your city, and gather up your citizens to the left gate. Take your

army and put it up at Pallene. Now you can bring Theseus to the temple

and the gods take him up. After that Sparta and Thebes attack you. Just

lock all of your gates, kill them from the inside with your bowmen, and

repair with citizens. Also kill the army that comes from Pallene with

the army you sent up there, because all 3 of your allies abandon their

cities to help yours. Just keep your gates locked and repaired and you

got it.






5.5)---------------The Peloponnesian Wars: 427-404BC-------------------



Difficulty (1-5): 2

Fun (1-5): 2

Overview: Get trapped in a city. Sail around on the sea in slow

boats back and forth a lot. Die of plague. Make an

army and kill a small, spread out army.


When this scenario starts gather up all your units that are

outside the city walls, and bring them in. And make your citizens start

chopping wood. Sparta will attack you and you don't stand a chance,

yet. Pericles has an idea, so bring him up the Parthenon, and he will

tell the city they need to stockpile 10,000 food. You can't do it alone

(well you probably could it would just take way too long). The lack of

food will cause a plague that will hurt your citizens and military

units. When it says "WERE UNDER ATTACK" go and find the sick unit and

bring him to the hospital to be healed; careful... he can spread it to

others. Anyway go to your capital and get 3 diplomats, then go to your

docks and build a whole bunch of battleships and frigates, don't worry

about transports, they will be provided. Once you have a good fleet go

and clear the way to the 2 spots on your map, and bring your diplomats

to the docks, and they will turn into a diplomatic transport. Now bring

the ships to the docks. Somewhere along the way a new spot on your map

will come up, send a diplomat there too. After you sent your diplomats

out you'll have 6 grain shipments, gold, and iron mine. Clear the way

for your shipments to come back (Sparta put more ships out so you need

to kill those too). Once you get the shipments you'll have over 15,000



Start making citizens at your base that you got southeast,

also build a barracks and a stable and make a small army (20-30 units),

Sparta will attack this town, and you must defend. After you have a

good bit of gold start making an army over at Athens. Make a good

variety of troops, I made some elephant archers, phalanxes, long bows,

and war elephants. But, after seeing my phalanxes and long bows totally

annihilated and seeing my 10 elephants take on the whole army I

recommend building a balanced number of war elephants, and elephant

archers. Be sure to go all out on upgrades too, you have the resources.

And build a Temple of Zeus to heal your units at all times. Don't

bother with a Pharos Lighthouse, because its range is limited and it

will only uncover the sea, which you don't really need. When you make

your army, unlock your gate and head southwest. You'll run in to them.

Keep heading southwest until all of them are dead, that’s it, you’re







5.6)-------------------Young Alexander: 336–334BC----------------------



Difficulty (1-5): 3

Fun (1-5): 3

Overview: Defeat 3 armies, develop combat skills.


When this starts, wait around for a few seconds until

Alexander arrives. Listen to some talking and then go west up onto the

hill. Watch the fight, Aristotle says some things but on my Computer

they only popped up for a split second. Anyway, after the battle is

over start heading west toward the spot on your map. Once you get there

follow the horse back to town and watch Alexander's father die. Kill

the 3 guys who killed him, you don't even have to kill them, just get

close and a bunch of phalanxes will run out of the city and do it for

you. After that’s done with go to the town center. When you get to the

town center Alexander will disappear. Just select your town center and

build an Alexander the Great (seriously). It takes some gold and a lot

of time so while that’s going on take Aristotle and put him on the

transport. Steer between the 2 hurricanes, and unload at the island.

You'll learn some spells, which actually gives Aristotle a use. Hop

back on the transport and go back. By the time you get there your

Alexander the Great will probably be done building. Be sure to make

your citizens get wood and food, you should make a couple more, the

ones supplied aren't enough.


When you get everything situated, make some more phalanxes,

companion cavalries and cavalry archers. When you have your army head

south to the spot on your map. When you make the cavalry Aristotle will

give you a strategy. You can use his complicated strategy, or my simple



-=His strategy=-

Send in the cavalry, zip past the front and

attack from behind. Grouping will help. Take your companion cavalry

along with Alexander send them to back and take care of the siege

weapons. Keep the phalanxes in front of your archers, and take out the

melee units with your archers. I would recommend saving before this, it

may take a few tries.


-=My strategy=-

Stop your army a little past the yellow

flags. Take Aristotle and walk him forward slowly. When you see the

army, cast malaria and run. When the guys reach your army they'll have

barely any HP left, kill them no problem. After their entire front line

is DEMOLISHED all they have left is a couple of archers and stone

throwers, take these out with phalanxes/archers/cavalry. Just be sure

to send Aristotle out of the way, because that’s the first person

they'll attack.


Either way you do it, after you beat them you'll get some

money... I think you know what to do with it... huh? You don't know???

Rebuild your army, and add to it, also upgrade _a_little_. Next keep

going south until you run into Athens’s army, it'll be even easier than

the last battle because now you have an even bigger army to work with.

If you’re using my strategy stop your army right where the road you’re

on turns southwest. As soon as you finish fighting this battle you have

must defend against the Spartan army. You have two choices of where

to fight this battle, on a road when they land on the island, or behind

your walls. Each has its advantages, choose where you want to fight it.

If you go for behind your walls, gather all your troops and citizens

and lock the gates. Whenever a gate becomes damaged, repair with

citizens, also be sure to check the walls, as they will be attacked

too. If one of your walls breaks take all your military units there,

and kill the Sparta as they bottleneck through your wall, and surround

your palace with citizens to repair. But, the time they get into the

city your archers will have totally injured their entire army, so they

should go down quick. If you choose to fight on the road, go to the

spot on your map with a yellow flag, mobilize and use the strategy you

used for all the other battles.






5.7)-----------------A Conqueror is Born: 334–332BC--------------------



Difficulty (1-5): 3

Fun (1-5): 4

Overview: Defeat the Persian army, and storm a city.


When you gain control of your units after the opening scene,

go to the flags by the sea. Take your army and stop in middle of the

water, your front line should be on just on the opposite coast. Take

Philotus and make him ride ahead until he finds the army. Advance until

the army starts chasing him, then go into the back of your army. The

enemies who followed you will only be interested in kill Philotus, and

won't even attack your other troops! Just keep doing this over and over

until the army runs away.


Now go to Issus, it the southeast town on your map.

Immediately south of Issus there’s a river, on the other side is some

more of the Persian army, use the same tactic as last time to kill

them. You must kill every last one this time, Alexander will tell you

when their all dead. Now keep heading south toward Tyre, until you come

to the army. You gain control of some phalanxes, and catapults. Take

Meleager and send him up to Anticoch. Now that you have some citizens

start getting wood and gold. If you want you can build a Pharos

Lighthouse, it helps. You should build it on the coast, right above

where you got your army. Build it far enough from shore so that

catapult ships can't get to it. After that you'll know where all the

ships on the sea are. Build 2 or 3 prophets, and 2 or 3 catapult ships.

You’re going to attack from land, with support from sea.


The city is blocked with a wall, that has no gates, and then

a wall with a gate. This is good for you, the enemy gets trapped in

this chamber where you can take them out easy, use catapults/archers.

While you are killing those destroy the gate on the other side, and the

tower next to it. Now take your prophets and use hurricane on some

ships, clear a path for your catapult ships. Move the catapult ships

next to the land bridge, and attack the towers. After guys stop coming

out of the city, blow up the wall and move in. Use your catapults to

destroy the capitol, you phalanxes to guard them, and Alexander to

heal. It's not that hard, you should be able to do it. One thing you

should do is set all your generals to a team. Every now and then select

the team to check on their HP, if any of them dies you lose.






5.8)------------------And Alexander Wept: 332–330BC--------------------



Difficulty (1-5): 3

Fun (1-5): 5

Overview: Defeat some villages, seize Babylonia, kill Persia,

and weep.


The last of the Greek campaign and it's a good one. When you

start spend your money and make some more guys. Even out with cavalry,

and make more phalanxes. Now start traveling east until you run into a

small village. You are presented with a question, destroy the village

and take the loot, or make a town center and get your own village,

which do you choose? Well both of course! Raze the whole village, every

building and get the gold and iron. Then take your citizens and make a

settlement next to the wood. Also make a barracks, archery range,

stable and siege factory. Start shopping wood now. Spend the rest of

your money on making more units (no catapults yet), and upgrading.

Don't worry about any defense; you’re the only aggressor in this one.


Keep heading east until you’re almost in Babylonia. Use the

lure tactic on this one. Make a hero lure them to your army, and move

the hero to the back, watch enemies die. Go into the city with

Alexander and take all the loot. Now go west back to the village you

just wiped out and then north. Kill the hill tribe, and take their



Now east from here is the Persian army, go there. You need to

wipe out half of them. They have elephant archers, and powerful

cavalry. You should use the luring tactic again here, be careful though

that narrow passage can easily get clogged, and that deadly. If you are

having trouble use some citizens to make a tower or two, but you

shouldn't need to do this. After this army is beaten make some

catapults at your siege factory. If you population is maxed out then

send some units east toward the tomb, they'll die. Anyway, max out your

population and start heading east from where you fought the last battle

(east NOT south east!!) When you get to the gates, destroy the 2 tower

with your catapults, and then the gate. If you want you can put a unit

at the gate and some elephant archers will come out, you can kill those

with your army, get some elephants out of the way. When the gates come

down you can just storm in, no tactics needed you should be fine.


Advance into the valley; destroy the tower with your

catapults and kill the standing army outside the gates. When you get

the message after you kill everyone, bring Alexander, Philotus,

Craterus, and 3 or 4 phalanxes or cavalry. When you get to the tomb a

few assassins will try to kill you but they are easily defeated. Now

watch a pretty good ending. Good job, you beat the Greek campaign!








**00000***6) English Campaign









6.1)---------------The Return of Young William: 1040-------------------



Difficulty (1-5): 2

Fun (1-5): 3

Overview: Kill some enemies, kill some bandits, get a couple of

catapults, and siege a castle...


Not a very hard scenario to do. When you first start out

you’ll have some money. Select a unit and you can upgrade their stuff.

I recommend upgrading archers speed with your money because their

pretty slow. Don’t spend too much though you'll need it a little later.


Now that your done walk east on the path a little way until

some archers attack you. Just select all your guys and right click the

archers until they die. Now look on your mini-map and you’ll see a blue

spot south of where you are, go there. Once here you’ll get some

knights and pikemen added to your army.


Next another village comes up on your map, start going there.

On your way you'll find a village being attacked by bandits, you

guessed it... kill the bandits! After that you'll get some bonuses, put

them where ever you like. Continue your way up north once there you'll

get some more troops. You’re now ready to cross the bridge to Falaise.


Start going southeast towards the blue spot on your map, and

cross the bridge. When you get to the town send some guys east, they'll

run into a few enemies, kill them all. You'll find a town that gives

you some stone. Now send a guy southeast to find an engineer who will

sell siege weapons 500 stone a piece, buy 3 trebuchets. Now go north to

the castle and kill it. The trebuchets have slightly longer range than

the towers. Just send in some trebuchets to kill the towers. After you

fell some towers troops come running at you, kill them with your

troops, be sure not to walk into range of a tower and die! Rinse and

repeat; send citizens in as scouts if you are unsure. After you destroy

the keep watch it sink into the ground...






6.2)----------------William, Duke of Normandy: 1047--------------------



Difficulty (1-5): 3

Fun (1-5): 3

Overview: A lose cannon jester who doesn't play by the rules...

Get an army, kill another army...


You start off as a jester named Gollet who needs to warn

William of a plot against him. Start walking to the blue spot on your

map and you'll be attacked by two swordsmen and an archer... guess what

you kill them... that’s a real tough jester. Continue walking and

you'll be distracted by a noise north, go there and look, it’s a wolf

you kill it too (wow). You also find a chest with bandages and a new

sword. You find two more rebels on your way there and kill them with no

problem. Stop off at a farm and get new clothes before going into town,

and apparently the clothes change his voice too (shrug).


Once there William heals Gollet and William gets a horse. Now

leave the city from the east exit or you'll die. On your way there just

you’ll find some other rebels, use Gollet as bait and kill them with

William. Keep going down the path until you find a church, William goes

in and prays, and when he comes out a group of riders is coming. Leave

the church and hide in the bushes directly across (there’s a big red

flag there).


Keep following the trail and you'll come across a village and

pick up 3 knights. Next on your journey is an "ambush" (2 archers) but

their on a cliff so just ride by them and then stop, William will heal

everyone. Now right here set William and Gollet (if he's alive) to team

1, and the 3 knights to team 2. Now when the cinematic pops up be sure

not to click anything until it’s done or you'll be killed by them. When

it’s over you'll see the knights not to far from you, send in team 2

(the 3 knights) and then team 1 (William & Gollet) around the battle.


After the escape you'll find yourself in a city, you get some

more troops. Go to the town northwest of your location and pick up some

more troops, after defeating the champion (pretty easy). You'll also

find some on the road. Also go to the town east (you have to go south

past the river to get there). Once you have that go meet Henrys army

(it’s on the map). Now just kill the army and you’re done with this

scenario. (Notice how Henry sat in the back row and didn't fight at

all). With the army that you've built up by now it should be pretty







6.3)-----------------The Battle of Hastings: 1066----------------------



Difficulty (1-5): 3

Fun (1-5): 3

Overview: Build an army, sail over sea, kill an army, and then

kill a king.


This is the first scenario where you actually get to build a

lot of stuff. First press TAB to select your idle citizens, send them

northeast and southwest to get food, gold, iron and wood (stone isn’t

important). Also build more citizens. Now build an army, I recommend

lots of archers and knights but it’s really your preference. Don't

forget to upgrade your guys a lot (archers with full upgrades can do

some real damage). Don’t go for too much diversity so you can just

upgrade the units you have. As soon as you get some units put them at

each of the spots where your gathering resources, as bandits will

invade from time to time. Once you max out your population William will

be able to go to the dock and get transports, don’t do this until you

are ready, there’s no turning back.


Start ignoring iron and food and concentrate on wood and gold

now. Build enough transports for your whole army (I had 6) and with the

left over population build battleships. Upgrade the battleships and

shove off! Go to the middle spot on you map and land, be careful

frigates will attack you be sure to kill them before you lose a

transport. When you land there will be 2 archers on a cliff, kill those

before passing or your troops will get hung up and disorganized (this

actually happened to me and I lost). After they are dead pass through

and kill the army. If William dies during the fight he'll only lose his

horse, run up to the hill or you will lose the battle.


Now Godwinson fled to a nearby hill, go kill him and his

troops, Leave William back if he fell off his horse to be safe. After

this battle heal (obviously) and march forward. If you lost your horse

go northwest from the first town you find to get him a horse first.






6.4)------------The Hundred Years' War Begins: 1340-1346---------------



Difficulty (1-5): 4

Fun (1-5): 3

Overview: Sink a few ships, get some stone, build an army, and

then storm a castle.


Almost 300 years since your last battle, William's dead so

forget about him... Anyway, start off and build 3 battleships and

upgrade range and attack once. Assign all but the demolition ship to

team 1; make the demolition ship team 2. Take team 1 and follow the

south coast and make team 2 follow the north coast. When team 1 is

attacked make team 2 go around the battle and blow up the flagship,

then you can kill the rest of the ships with team 1.


After this you'll be transferred to land. You'll have some

units and a Black Prince with the exact same powers William had. Head

south and kill any opposition. Instead of taking the front door to

Caeon make your own in the southeast corner, to avoid the towers.

You'll be able to kill the 4 building easily. Once you’re done with

that you get 5 citizens, and any left over building are yours (that’s

why you keep the towers alive). Build a settlement in the middle of all

the rocks, and mine 150 stone.


Now after that an architect comes out of nowhere and upgrades

your settlement into a town center. He just sits there the rest of the

game, so just ignore him. Get more citizens and start getting

resources. First go east and get that wood! Then go north and find the

iron and gold, you should have enough wood by now to make a settlement

there too. Since you already have a lot of iron focus on gold. Build a

dock and a bunch of fishing ships and make them all get fish (there’s a

bunch of fish just look around). If you run out of fish just build a

granary and that will produce farms for you to get food from too,

there’s also some food in the south-central area. If you wanna see

something cool go all the way northwest there’s a small localized

hurricane on the coast there’s also some others north-north-east of

your city... ANYWAYS... Build an army, upgrade them... same same. Be

sure to make a tower or two to block attacks, and station some units

east to guard your wood choppers.


When you feel you're strong enough move east. You'll run into

a hostile French city, kill them all. Head over the shallow land bridge

and do some more killing. Destroy two towers and some farms, cross a

bridge. Now getting in can prove quite tricky, they have a seemingly

endless supply of archers, knights, and ballistae (plural for

ballista!). Destroy the towers with your siege weapons, and hopefully

break through the defense and make it into the town with a good sized

army. There’s also a small strip of land just a LITTLE east from the

bridge (you can probably see if from the bridge). Drop off trebuchets

here, and you can snipe off a bunch of building with no problem. The

wall will protect you; you can also send Black Prince to heal if

needed. Also watch out for priests they can convert your units and use

them against you. And one more thing during the game some other country

(France I think) will keep attacking you and you can't seem to destroy

them. I just built a huge wall and they stopped at the wall and did

nothing at all (no rhyme intended). Good luck on this one this is the

first one that might hold you up.






6.5)--------------------The Black Prince: 1356-------------------------



Difficulty (1-5): 3

Fun (1-5): 3

Overview: Steal a bunch of treasure, get an instant army, then

kill another army, and storm the castle.


Just start off heading southeast and almost instantly along

your journey you'll come across some French, kill them and plunder

their treasure. You won't be getting anymore units for a while so

ration the ones you have. Oh and be sure to take the chest with you (it

can roll around). Keep going east until you come across a small

village, kill all the troops and take down the tower (be sure to make

the Black Prince heal whoever the tower attacks!!!) Destroy the rest of

the village if you want, although I don’t think it’s required. If you

keep going east you'll hit a dead end, so now go west. You'll come

across a small monastery and they attack you, their pretty easy. Oh I

should also mention they will make volcanoes on you so as soon as you

get there, kill everything in sight quick. 3 down 1 to go. Now head

back to where it was a dead end before, oh look wasn't that easy the

trees are felled!... Right... just take the path over the water. Run

through the valley and don’t worry about the rocks, just keep moving.

You come across a village; same old kill the troops take the loot. Now

you hafta get back to where you started. The rocks in the valley have

fallen so forget about that. Instead go around north then west, cross a

big bridge. You'll come across a deserted village but it’s not that

simple... AMBUSH (3 guys attack you)... After that you come across

another village being attacked by bandits (French) kill them and WOW

WASN'T THAT CONVIENT!?... 2 transports at your disposal. 3 rivers to

choose from, you could try all 3 or just take the one that leads south.

Go back to where you started and you’re done.... NOT!


Now you gotta meet reinforcements north, so hop back on your

transports and go north, wow that was a quick trip... Instant Army just

add water. Now go south and loop up north. Get up top the hill and be

sure to guard both entrances to the hill. Try to save at least one

trebuchet so you can get in the castle easier later on (I didn't have

any trebuchets left so I'm writing this while my swordsmen tear down

the wall... I'm gonna go find something to eat). I timed it, 11 minutes

to tear down the wall + 4 minutes for the castle, SO BE SURE TO SAVE A

TREBUCHET! Anyway all ya gotta do is tear down a wall, get in ignore

the towers and kill the castle.






6.6)----------------We Band of Brothers: 1414-1415---------------------



Difficulty (1-5): 3

Fun (1-5): 2

Overview: Kind of annoying, you have to visit a whole bunch of

temples, while avoiding priests who can convert you.

Then storm a castle, and beat an army who outnumbers

you by a whole lot.


This scenario starts out with King Henry V running to Oxford.

When you get there make some citizens and go to the gold and food on

your map... build settlements, get resources. Make an army I recommend

cataphracts and cavalry archers for this one, because their fast. If

you make trebuchets or archers upgrade their range and attack to max,

this is VERY important for winning at the end of this scenario. Back to

the present time... there are priests all over the place watch out for

them; they'll convert your citizens. After you get a decent army

(doesn't need to be huge) and start searching for temples. I'm not

gonna give you directions to each temple, there all over the place. If

you want to know there are 7 temples, 4 of which are hostile. After

your done bring King Henry V back to London.


After A LOT of talking you'll be able to do stuff again. Max

out your population and gather ALL your units and bring them to

Portsmouth (south of Oxford). When you land select all your citizens

and press 'L'. This will make them all explore for you. After they

explore build a stable, archery range, barracks, and siege workshop to

make more units. Then make them all get resources. While their doing

that take your army and go to the northeast part of the island and try

to blow down the wall so you can get in and out easily. First kill the

towers, and the archery ranges. You shouldn't go inside until ballistae

start coming. As soon as a ballista attacks you move inside with all

units and destroy the siege workshop ASAP. Then stable, barracks,

ect... Just prioritize and you'll be fine. Also use the earl to heal.


Now bring Henry and the Earl (your only 2 units) to the fords

outside Nesle (keep going east from the city you just destroyed). Well

after all that you get your units back. Your citizens stopped working

so put them all back to work. Remember the barracks ect you made

earlier? Rebuild your army to max population you should have plenty of

resources by now. OK... follow this strategy I made; I used it and only

lost 1 trebuchet as a casualty. Have your archers, and trebuchets range

and attack maxed out. When you cross the river there are two hills, one

on each side. Each hill has 2 cannons that will attack you, kill them

with your trebuchet(s). Make sure the Earl is right next to the

trebuchet to heal it. After the cannons are dead move forward with the

trebuchet, because it has good sight range, until you find some troops,

attack them and then run to the back row. The units you attacked will

come running for the trebuchet and won't attack ANYTHING else. Just

kill them all before they reach it. Repeat this until all the troops

are dead. Also your archers can substitute as trebuchets, except for

killing cannons. And a final note... the enemy archers are instructed

to hold ground so as long as you stay out of their range they won’t do







6.7)--------------The War Against Napoleon: 1806-1814------------------



Difficulty (1-5): 4

Fun (1-5): 4

Overview: Make an army, free some cities, and defeat Napoleons



400 years have passed and technology has advanced a lot while

you were gone. It is no long the middle ages epoch, now it’s the

industrial epoch. No more swords, your troops use guns now, you also

have mobile cannons. Use your new technology wisely. Now to start the

scenario, go southeast and gain control of your army. Don't upgrade

anything yet. Head in to your transports and let your frigates lead the

way. After you reach Lisbon go toward the docks with your frigates

before unloading, and kill that cannon they have from afar, also weaken

the troops. Then unload and kill the rest of them. Stay put at the edge

of town with your frigates on the coast. Some more troops will come

from the west, kill them since you have frigate backup it shouldn't be

that hard.


Go north east and kill most of the infantry here. Junot will

surrender, MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS if you don't the game won't tell you

otherwise and will keep giving you instructions, and you won't be able

to build an army!!! OK... now you have a new mission: defeat enemies at

Talavera. The city you were just in becomes yours, start getting

resources. After you get some resources make some bombardments and

serpentines from your siege factory. Send them south to kill the two

towers at Badajoz. Continue in to the town and kill two more. Before

you kill the last tower send a decent army just above the land bridge.

When you kill the last tower Spanish rebels will storm out of the city

and attack the French, you back them up.


Now that the first defense army outside Talavera is gone you

can move in. When that city is liberated go onto Salamanca. Go left

into the dirt and lure the enemies to where you’re other infantry are.

After you kill that cluster there’s another one a little ways away from

that. Kill them too. Rebuild your army if needed, and gather all your

citizens. Also use any remaining money to upgrade or max out your

population. Now head east to the mountains be careful, there are 4

snipers up high, kill them with Wellesly. When the snipers are dead

take your citizens and build lots of towers on the highest land you can

find and mobilize your troops in the middle. Then just wait for the

French to attack. If they don't attack just lure them in with a cannon

or something. On the mountains you'll have a height advantage and

you'll have towers too. Just keep shooting and when most of the enemies

are dead the rest will run away. ! During this battle when I was

playing Wellesly actually died, and I got the message saying that all

hope is lost ect ect, but then it cut to the scene of the French

running away...







6.8)----------------The Battle of Waterloo: 1815-----------------------



Difficulty (1-5): 3

Fun (1-5): 4

Overview: Just slaughter Napoleons army, that’s the jist of it.


You start off this one as a messenger for Wellesly. Once you

gain control, start heading southeast. Along the forest path there will

be some snipers, kill them if you want or just ride by, it won't

matter. Just follow the path to the first place on the map and you'll

find Blucher's army. He sends a messenger back to Wellesly but he never

got there. Wellesly decides to mobilize his army and doesn't know

whether or not Blucher will help.


Now once you get your citizens don't worry about resources,

you have all you need. Head to Belgium and build a base a little south

of them, on the big hill. This should also be southeast of Brussels.

Make 2 barracks, 2 stables, and 1 siege factory. Now make a settlement

next to the stone and get stone for awhile. I should also mention that

you need to be VERY quick about everything. As soon as you finish

making the stables start training dragoons. As soon as the barracks

finish start training British Infantry. And when the siege factory

finishes start making serpentines and bombardments. When you have a

decent army send them south to Quatre Bras, and get ready for an

attack. If you get the message that the French are going to attack

Quatre Bras, and you're not their yet, start moving! When the French

start coming toward you take care of their cannons with your

bombardments and serpentines. Also at the same time you need to tell

your citizens (engineers) to make a hospital at the edge of the hill.

Then make as many towers as you can on the hill and at the bottom. Make

the towers as if an attack were coming from Quatre Bras, and upgrade

the towers range.


When the battle at Quatre Bras is done send your remaining

troops up to the hospital and heal them all. Use any remaining money to

make more guys. Also upgrade your units, don't max upgrades though, you

want to balance quality and quantity. When you use up all your money

mobilize behind your towers. Sometime along the way the Prussian army

will arrive to support you. When they come that’s your queue to get

ready. After less than a minute you will be under attack. You should be

able to totally waste the French easily, since you have the height

advantage, towers, a hospital healing your guys, AND back up from

Prussia. Congratulations, you completed the English Campaign!

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