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Warning signs of Xbox 360 RROD Warning signs of Xbox 360 RROD
When an Xbox 360 gets the three flashing red lights around the power button this is called the Red Ring of Death. Some indications that you may be heading for the dreaded RROD are:
1. Freeze-ups (weird screen graphics...
How to become a video game programmer How to become a video game programmer
For many, working as a video game programmer at a famous development studio sounds like a dream job. I have been a video game programmer for seven years now and would like to share my four best tips for making this dream a reality...

Positive effects of video games Positive effects of video games
Video games are often long, complex, and challenging. Yet players have to learn them and enjoy learning them or the companies that make them go broke. Video games furthermore "empower" certain children who have a difficult time in social situations. For example, a child who is an outcast may gain social standing...
Why do kids become addicted to video games? Why do kids become addicted to video games?
Video games are quickly becoming an epidemic in this generation. Young children are being introduced to it from the moment they learn to push buttons. Kids and teens are constantly targeted for gaming advertisements everywhere they go. Worse yet, adults are sacrificing their lives for a fabricated reality,...
Mirror's Edge reflecting in comic form Mirror's Edge reflected in comic form
DC Comics has been getting into games in a big way lately. As if making comics based on Prototype and Gears of War wasn't enough, the DC Universe is also going online with its own massively multiplayer online role-playing game and invading the world of Mortal Kombat....
EA Games, EA's Bid, Take-Two Interactive Software EA's bid turns hostile
By now the news of EA's unsolicited February bid to acquire Take-Two Interactive Software is common knowledge - as is the resulting rejection of the offer by Take-Two's higher-ups. Taking the bid public at a price of $26 a share, EA's offer was...
1. Resident Evil 4 (GC) 9.6
2. GTA: San Andreas (PS2) 9.6
3. World of Warcraft (PC) 9.5
4. Ninja Gaiden (Xbox) 9.4
5. Halo 2 (Xbox) 9.4
6. Battlefield 2 (PC) 9.4
7. God of War (PS2) 9.3
8. Far Cry Instincts (Xbox) 9.2
9. Forza Motorsport (Xbox) 9.2
10. Guild Wars (PC) 9.1

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