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Video game walk throughs
Lost Planet walk throughs for Xbox 360 rating:


Little Lost Soldiers lls000

Follow your partner to the room and grapple to the catwalk by pressing the X
button when your crosshair is on the ledge. Continue, wait, and then you can
hop down the hole to auto-hook, press X near the ground to let go.

Kill the Dongo (stupid name) or let your mates do it, just take note of the big
red weak spot and the little red goo that falls out. That, as you read, is
basically the timer and health of the game; so pick it up, but know that these
tiny puddles of the stuff are almost not worth it, almost. Keep following and
kill the many Trilid that fly your way, but don't worry about killing them all.
Focus, instead, on the two holes they emerge from; and note that they get a
darker red as you fire, that will happen for all weak spots on the Akrid.

Press B to turn on the Data Post. Watch the scene, but don't freak out, you
will not fight this thing. Instead, follow the arrow on the posts and follow
a buddy up a ramp inside a building; ignore the Trilid along the way. And do
not look out the side window for too long, or else you will miss the spot where
you need to hook up. Keep going and follow your buddies to another post.
Activate it and then jump into the first VS of the game. Follow the others to

NOT! Now, you fight him! No, not that either. All I can say is don't die, which
I think is impossible since the fight ends as soon as the monster approaches


The Hive Nearby thn111
Go to the small VS and hop in. Round the corner and destroy the two holes, and
be keen to spot the little bugs in the snow. Don't get out for the gun in the
snow, just walk up a bit until a Chryatis pops up. Uh, shoot the big red thing
between his legs to kill him (that would be my weak spot too). Get out by the
door, get the shotgun, and go in. Kill the bugs in here as you see fit; either
run and gun with your shotgun, or make things easy and kill everything from
far away with your machine gun. Activate the post and grab enough ammo and
grenades to be close to full. And don't forget you have grenades, don't be like

Come out and look to the left for a dig spot, get the rocket launcher and swipe
it for the shotgun (be sure to switch back to the other gun, or you will forget
and shoot a rocket). Go toss a few grenades at the hole in the warehouse, and
then go inside until another Chryatis shows up. Just keep a sight on him and
fire as you run back outside; he gets stuck, but this guy is not that tough on
foot, so don't be scared.

Head back inside and go to the other side, get the rockets in the closet, and
then open the by shooting the barrels next to them. Okay, you can run outside
and kill all Dongos by shooting their tails or whatever, or you can just hook
up to the data post behind them and leave them be; up to you. Turn the thing on
and go where it points. Go up further and act as if you are going to jump off
the cliff. This is so the big guy up ahead will do so instead. Up the path will
be another, but be patient and wait and see if the rocks will kill him (you
have to get a bit close), and if they don't then you just need to finish him
off (some trap boulders where the other committed suicide). Keep on going, pick
up the third rocket, and then just shoot your way into the cave, so don't try
to kill all the pests.

The Hive thv112
Go into the open as I could not find away to the right. Shoot the holes on
the bridge, ignore the big gun, and turn on the post, up to you if you want
that energy gun. I decided to let them all hit me since it does very little
damage and they keep coming. So head up the bridge and then fall off where the
ledge is directly below, and go ahead and grab some goo from the red pods as
you make your way to the next post. Go where it points, toward the hive, but
have your rockets in hand as you cross the narrow bridge.

BOSS - Wheel Tank

I'll call this guy the Wheel Tank - oh yes, that is a great name. Anyway, start
by jumping into the nearest VS and then make sure you pick up some other weapon
on your empty arm (you have to position the new gun on the side it will go to,
or else it will replace the other gun).

When he lands in the center, you should hover to his back side and be firing at
his weak spot on the tail while in the air. You should fire as you land as
well. He may turn, he may get stuck, he may follow you, whatever he does you
need to keep firing at that spot. The best is when he sticks his claws into the
wall because you get mucho time with the tail. Whenever he is turning toward
you, you should go to the air and get back behind him; if for nothing else, at
least fire as you are in the air.

Hopefully, he dies before he starts rolling up the walls. If he doesn't, then
you need to try your best to keep and eye on his movements, you need to stay
away from the center, and you need to be in the air as he rolls to the ground
behind you. Just do your best to avoid taking a direct strike and you will be
fine. If the worst happens and he gets you a lot, just hop into the other suit
and finish the fight.

Just be still as he attempts a last blow.


Pirates on Ice poi121
Go forward to the data post and just know that there are many weapons and ammo
in the immediate area. When you venture into the open street be ready for a
big onslaught of Dongos (I hate typing this word). Grenades and shotgun shells
can handle them all, you don't even need to be anywhere close to accurate, just
toss and shoot like crazy. Turn on the post and continue onward. Get rid of the
lone bug and keep on. The shotgun is good for Dongos because it stops their
roll, just dive out of the way yourself.

Watch for two more to roll down from the right rooftops as you go forward. Two
more pop up from the ground as you near another post, then get ready for a
Chryatis when you reach the post; then yet another as you near the living door.
Collect some goo to the next post, shoot as many of the buggers in the air, but
don't leave the read square next to the door. Seams like part of the eye candy,
but if you start shooting it, it will open and give you a nice surprise. Hop
into the mech and kill the Chryatis as you walk down the street; don't hit the
cars and junk, or else you will take a lot of damage.

When you round the corner you will see humans fighting the Akrid. Sadly, they
are the snow pirates and they will attack you. So you should kill the first
three and then the Chryatis. Look to the right and take out the tower with your
mech's machine guns. Go forward for another four-legged Akrid, take out the
pirates behind him, turn to the left and bring down another tower, but through
all this, don't get too caught up in hunting each one down; just shoot the ones
in the way and go into the ruined building. Eject from the VS, take out the
group of enemies, and then begin hooking your way up, but don't forget the free
energy in the post outside.

I don't really know if there are other routes, but hook to a pointy cement
thing sticking out of the snow, hook to a half floor, kill two guys you can see
above you, hook to a floor that is by the window side of the building, hook to
the floor near the other side, then kill two more guys by the windows, and
then get onto the bridge from there.

Kill the guys in the distance and turn on the post. Keep up, kill some guys in
the distance, but don't miss the new mech to the right. It is a sled thing that
may help you cross the gap; if you fall, you can not get out of the pit. You
don't need the thing, but you have to jump boost from one side of the broken
bridge to another. Either way, kill all the guys on the other side and keep on
going; don't let guys hide behind crates. Use the rifle near the post at the
end to snipe out the remaining pirates (push up on the D-pad). Carefully
cross the support to get to the end, and you get a choice when the mech shows
up. You can fight him like a moron, or you can hook up to the wrecked train and
enter the tunnel. No reward for killing it anyway.

NOTE: having the rifle and the machine gun is a good idea.

Pirate Hive phv122
I don't know the numbers of enemies, but all I know is that you have two
options here as well. You can snipe enemies from afar, they usually come in
pairs, and they are usually on both sides and in the center of the tunnel; this
option takes a while, but you get time to activate a post. The other option is
for you to take the high road and just get to the exit. Or you can combine the
two. Whatever you decide, you will end up in the enemy's stronghold.

Grenades are key in this area, to quickly dispatch enemies. Now, you can run
through and get to the end without any combat, but I advise at least clearing
out some of the pulp. Start by tossing a grenade to the three in front of you,
handle all the guys that fall as you move up, and then go to the left in the
trenches. There are a bunch of fellas around these buildings, but you need the
rocket on the top of the big building. Get it and take out the two big turrets
across the way, then finish off the lone mech on the ground. That should be
enough to clear a path, so do whatever you like, but just start making your
way to the big gate. Cross the trenches, take the right path, handle the
falling men, run up the steps, and unless you are desperate for energy, just
make a dash for the red door across the bridge. There were two purple energy
posts that you could have had, but you shouldn't need them.

BOSS - Mech 1 "The Jumper"

Battle starts with some minions, so get the mech in the snow to the left and
go to town on the mechs. When about one is dead the boss mech should show up
in the center. Make sure the other mechs are dead first, then focus on the

Well, it is a mech. It jumps around and fires back at you. All I did was keep
both my gatling guns on it, stopped when it jumped high, and resumed when it
landed. I believe that the missiles it fires can be shot from the air as they
leave the launcher on its shoulder; so keep the crosshairs at that spot. I
was able to kill it before my ammo ran out, but there is plenty around if you
do. And don't worry about the men on the ground, they don't cause much damage.
Another mech if your's breaks. Easier than the last fight.


Lost Level llv131
Okay, this is a weird mission. I'll tell you what I did. The first time, I took
the the very most left side of the big field and I encountered nothing. I
reached the end and simply followed the wall to the building. The second time,
I took the right side of the field. I hugged the wall the whole way, but this
side was full of Trilid and constant lurking by the worm. But I still made it
with no real conflict. Regardless, I am shocked that you don't even do anything
here with the worm; I don't even know if you can fight it.

Either way, you should get at least two data posts, the first one and maybe the
one behind the worm when it pops up.

Get onto one of the sled mechs when the mission starts. Don't dilly around in
the first area, just grab a gun, get the post, and get on the mech. Go
through the opening to the right and the worm will break your ride. I could get
the nearby energy post, so you should too. I don't know about you, but I would
go to the far left side of the field and just make my slow way to the end;
if you manage to find and get a mech to the field in one piece, use it.
Whatever you do, you need to go to the windows near the run down building in
the corner. And that is it.

HIDDEN BOSS - The Frost Worm

Okay, can't avoid his attack on your sled. After that, I'll just offer what I
know as of now.

The thing has a bunch of weak spots, six on the tail and head, but also it
seems that there are a few that you can't normally reach. The six (twelve in
all) weak spots on both halves are your main focus. These spots take quite a
lot of bullets to pop, or a rocket. The upper ones are not hard to spot, but
the darn snow and constant movement of the worm will make the lower ones very
hard to hit; do your best and just try to hit the spots through the snow.

During the fight you need to be running around the monster, not only to see
the spots but also to avoid its lunge attack. The tail will only shoot slow
bombs at you, so keep moving and these will miss. If you go too far from the
worm it will blow some ice rocks at you, but these aren't too bad. And try
to stay around the front area and in the valley area, just don't pass the
line of the dam or the worm will go away, possibly to be replaced by a new

All I did was shoot out the weak spots on the head and tail. This took a long
time, so be patient, and nothing you can do about the Trilid pestering you.
Also, keep an eye on your heat; there are two posts around the front, and
don't let the ooze from the popped spots go to waste. Once the twelve zits
are popped, go pick up the rocket (to the right and in the snow of the post
near the walls) and shoot one into the worm's mouth when it roars. It will
roar when it pops up and you go back a bit, but not too far or it will launch
ice at you.

I here that you only need to shoot a rocket into its mouth, but that did not
work for me. Also, some have said that the vital suits will help too; I was
too scared to go behind the walls to get one, in case the worm went away. You
are free to try both. Once one goes down (you can tell by it falling to the
ground) another one will replace it. You only claim the achievement when you
beat the true boss. Don't let the other one get you while you are running, just
keep an eye on it.

This achievement is tough, and the hardest fight in the game. Not required, so
if you don't want to fight, don't.

BOSS - Mech 2 "The Pink One"

This mech is considerably tougher than the last, but with some luck you can
win the day in just as easy a fashion. Here is the key to victory: you need
to be in the air as she fires a rocket. Tentatively, she goes: machine gun,
laser, and then rocket, and then she jumps in the air. If jumping in the air
all the time works best, then do it, but finding out when she fires a rocket
and when she fires the laser will do you good. I can't really say I know the
perfect routine, but simply stay in the air and last as long as possible.

You should fire the machine gun at all times, whether you hit or not, at least
use the ammo. Use the rockets only after she has landed, and only when you are
certain you will hit; you don't have time to miss, but it won't really be the
end of the world. I could use up my rockets and a lot of bullets before losing
my mech, but there are more weapons on the ground for your mech. However, I
would not advise getting anything unless you got a lot of health and will be
able to use the weapon; so don't get new stuff if your robot is about to blow.
I don't know what will happen for you, but I always lose my VS. If you had some
rockets of your own, then you should use them. But even better is the big VS
rocket launcher on the ground. If she has a small block of health left, one
big rocket will end the fight. To be honest, I can't guarantee what will happen
when you lose the mech. Your goal with the mech is to bring down her health as
much as you can so that you don't have to do much on foot.

NOTE: if there is another mech in the area, use it, I never had a chance to


King of the Hill koh141
Blast away the two holes in front of you, then run up and take out the third
on the left with a grenade. Come back for a gun on the ledge before proceeding.
Round the corner and let the Dongo fall down, then you need to hook up to the
left and then shoot down the boulders above the fourth hole. Grab the gum
grenades and stick one to the hole if it is not finished, then put two of these
suckers on the next two holes (up high and on the wall). Turn on the post and
grab the gun, then go into the hole in the ground; and just watch out for the
bombs that drop in the area, so get in the hole quickly, but don't miss the
rocket in the corner.

Lots of bug holes in here, so stay on the line and take them all out before
letting go, but dropping down is not too bad as they are pretty slow. Collect
ammo and energy then head out. This next part is no fun. There are a ton of
guys around the room, and then there are two VS units waiting for you. And
once you get in the room, two Dongos show up. I don't know how the game makers
thought this was a good idea, but make the best of it. I chose to kill the
first mech who waits by the entrance, but you have to take out all visible
pirates first. This wouldn't be so hard if it weren't for the smoke caused as
the mech fires at the wall. I think this is a glitch for many reasons, but
whatever. Somehow manage to blow it up, whether with grenades, rockets, or
by letting the other kill it for you as it tries to kill you, but whatever
you do, just stay safe at one end of the little hallway. The coast is clear
when you can see the other end again. Kill the other mech and more guys, but
do not pass the plane of the post. In other words, don't go past the data post
or you will alert the Akrid.

Turn on the post, hook up to the top of the crates, hook to the crane, and
then jump as far as you can to the other side; no big deal if you miss, just
hook up quickly and get out of here, leave the Akrid to the pirates. Drop out
from the window after the big thing flies by. Take out the three pirates before
moving on, then get onto the platform below. Hook up to where they were when
you near the destroyed part of the track and just run up the path. Be ready to
take out as many Trilid as you can when you near the door.

Activate the post, grab the gun, and jump into the new mech. Apparently this
thing does not shoot and jump at the same time, so don't try it. The series of
jumps here can be frustrating with all the beasts around. From the start, press
Y and get to the next level where you can take out a bunch of Trilid. Then do
another boost jump to the next level, go around the barrels and double jump to
the next ledge, and then again to another close ledge. Shoot the containers
on the next ledge and jump to it, then boost up again, then double jump across
the way to where you almost get out. Under the opening on top, position
yourself so you can clear the boost jump out of this platforming nightmare.

Go toward the next post and get out. Get the post up, and then free the fresh
mech from the snow (I don't know why I never tried digging, I always toss a
grenade). Get to the incline in the corner and boost up to the boss.

BOSS - The Hornet

You want to attack this guy when he is still in the air. He will be still
after moving to a new location and before he performs another attack. The
set of missiles your VS brings will be the best during this time. And that is
pretty much it as far as attack. I hope you remember the weak spot is red.

*NOTE: when he goes far away, you need to hide behind the big rock.

As for defense, you need to use the central rock pillar as your shield for
everything he throws at you. But this is especially hard when he is directly
above you, so just take your licks. Stay on the move and try to last as long
as possible. When the tail goes red, he becomes much faster and will not need
much more to die. One rocket from the launcher on top of the pillar will kill
him at this point.


The Climb Part Deux cpd151
There are things from here to the top, so grab what you wish. Run to forward
and look up the slope so you can start firing at a bug hole between some of
the ruins. Then hook up to the platform with the first data post, and then
get over to the next solid ground where should quickly duck for cover as some
boulders will roll down. Destroy the hole and then look up to grapple up to get
to the next level, and then take cover from another avalanche. Blow up another
hole and look over the nearest gap to the next solid ground. Don't hook to
the thing with the grenade on it and think you will be on top of that; use the
jump you get coming up to throw yourself over the fixture and to the other
platform. Immediately look up and watch for the rocks, hope they work for you,
but hope they don't come for you. More holes and some ammo, so finish up and
head near the big gun and look to the next ledge from there. When you get up,
hug the wall and take out the bugs, collect ammo, and then look above you one
last time to reach the top. No where to go but inside.

*NOTE: I say bring the energy gun this time.

Run out and begin laying into the mass of bugs, but you will notice a new one.
These are mini hornets and they are worth paying special attention. Keep
running until you near the VS and you see two worm things pop up. You should
kill these quickly before they blow their tops. Then hop in the machine and
start your ascent where you will run into more worms and hornets. Three worms
get the jump on you as you near the first hole. As you approach some spikes
that hang overhead, three more worms will rull rocks at you, so avoid, and
then two hornets fly in. Take out everything with double guns and move on,
where you find more worms, hornets, and spikes at the same time. Enter the
small tunnel and swap your old suit for a new one after you get the post up.

Go out and jump to the other rock ledge where the post is pointing. Pick up
the gun, energy, and then drop down all the holes until you reach a room with
a big ice pillar in the center. No, boss, not yet. Go to both sides of the room
and fit your (should be) new VS with double chain guns and get all the heat you
can (just step on the pods). Open the living door and drop in on the party.

BOSS - Thorax

This battle is very simple. You shoot the weak spots on both legs until each
are gone, then you blast the weak spot on the head. Don't worry about what he
is doing, there are two more fully equipped VSs in this room. You just keep
both triggers pulled and the crosshair on the weakspots. I'm sure those tiny
spikes on his body are for something, but don't concern yourself. Both legs
will regenerate, but you just keep firing away. This bug will fall after you
get him on the ground about three times, and damage to the legs seem to count
too, so you got this guy easy.

And be sure to hit the frozen corpse.


Urban Disturbance urd161
I'll be honest, you can run to the end of this first part and be ready for the
boss. You need to fire as you run, but you can't stop and you got to ignore
all the stuff. Just convert the first data post, run into the streets and don't
stop, kill a few pirates in your way, take a left and avoid getting stuck, try
to kill the rocket guy, go toward the end, ignore the mech and do your best
to get around it, run past everyone in the doorway, hook up to the burning
trash, and then you are home free. The hooking part may be trouble, but by then
you can probably stop to kill a few guys.

The alternative is to take each inch of the streets with some thought and
skill. Ammo is low, there is a mech on top of something, there are plenty of
goons to swarm you, and then there is a free mech before you reach the door.
I'll bet there is a VS somewhere in this city, but you could at the least run
past the final mech. Have fun either way.

After the scene, you are in a brand new mech. This thing is darn near perfect,
but you have no enemies to test it on. Just use your boosters (Y) and reach the
end quickly; just make sure you grab as much ammo as you find.

BOSS - Green Eye

Now you are fighting this guy. Despite the expectations set by the first part
of the mission, this is the hardest boss of the game; mainly because it
demands the most amount of skill from you. I will describe something that is
very easy for me, but you may need a few tries to get this down.

Green Eye has eight weak spots on both sides of his back. When those are gone
he will reveal four more on his head, and then those will lead to one big one
in the same place. Sounds easy enough, but this guy brings ice missiles that
must be avoided. And you need to find the central platform on the side of the
center building. It is located on the side that Green Eye began from, and is
not that big. This platform is crucial because it is above ground and it is
your best launching point for taking to the air. Also, you shouldn't need
any extra weapons.

Start by getting in some shots at the spots on the side that faces you, but
then quickly jump and hover to the central platform as you take some more shots
at him. If you keep a constant steam of bullets, you should hit the ice
missiles before they get you. Try to follow him for as long as you can (Y), but
eventually he will either pull away, or you will get all four weak spots on his
inner side. Keep following around the center and hope he will flip directions
after passing the platform. If he does not, then you need to hover to that side
and take out the weak spots by jumping fanatically to avoid the ice; stay in
the corner or by the wall, he will back-ram you if you go behind him.

However they fall, with those spots gone the next set will appear on his head.
This is when he will go berserk and become much faster and much more fierce.
He will sometimes crawl around the center, he will often ram into the walls
regardless if you are there, and his ice attack gets faster. You need to
keep moving and it should be in the air. Just be as quick as you can before
his attacks start to work. If you are quick enough, you may not realize when
the big spot shows up. Once it does you need to go all out and send whatever
you have left at that point.

All that sounds simple, but you need to be able to move in the air, fire and be
accurate, know when to jump on the platform, and you must be in motion to
avoid the ice. The ice is a killer for two reasons: it can put you in a cycle
where you are hit and don't get up for a while, and it covers your vision.
You don't get a second mech, and neither are you allowed to finish the fight
on foot. If you are having trouble, just know that being airborne and not
wasting much ammo are keys to a quick victory.


Breaking the Surface bts171
First, activate the post. More options in this level too. I don't know if the
four mechs HAVE to be stopped, but they are in your way. The immediate area
at the start is full of VS units, men, as well as many guns. You could
possibly kill all the enemies in this area with a little patience and a lot of
skill, as well as luck. Try at your own risk.

But I chose to try a different tactic. From the moment the mission starts, go
behind the walking mechs; don't worry about being shot at, just run. You should
be behind the last one when it is near a raised platform and should turn around
to meet you. Run around it, from its back, and then start shooting at the metal
container behind the platform (just like the one you found in the pirate city).
Jump in the mech and start making progress toward the opening down the path.
There is another container, a mech on a truck, a mech in the open, and another
mech toward the doorway at the end. In order to safely get to the end you need
to destroy a couple of the mechs in your way, and that may mean going through
a few more suits. The small ones won't last long, but you should be able to
cause havoc with the big one that has two rocket launchers. Don't really worry
about the soldiers, unless you have to, and just make your way up the path
until you can safely walk out. And I hope you realize that you should not go
back to the first area with the trucks and platforms. Oh yes, and a couple of
sleds jump out of the doorway when you get near it.

Dam Defenses dam172
Yes, you were here before. Get the gun, turn on the post, and then head to
where it points, but don't miss the mech behind the ruined truck and the rocket
in the snow. Swap your mech's rockets for another gun and go forward to
confront some worms and two Chryatis. Kill them, activate the post, and move
along toward the dam. You will cross a bunch more worms, a couple more
Chryatis, and then some mechs and soldiers as you near them. I would say just
kill them all, it would be more fun that way, but you will run out of ammo and
there isn't much along the path. I elected to jump and hover twice to make it
to the entrance of the dam, behind some fences and the soldiers. When you land,
jump out, run up the steps, and turn on the post, so long as you don't take
too much fire, then go inside.

Okay, save your rockets, no matter what happens here. Kill the first enemy and
notice all the lasers in the area. The laser won't kill you, but you will be
hunted down if you happen to pass through any. The guard bots will follow you,
but the shield on their fronts will protect them and force you to wait for it
to open; this is not good if you have more than two above you.

The path I will lay out for you is very unorthodox, and you probably won't
pull it off on the first try. Go to the right and look over the side; you
should see two guys below, but focus on the level above them that is the same
height as you. Go to the wall that has the door you came from, get on the tiny
mound of snow, jump up and try to get on the railing, but be careful, and then
hook to the wall adjacent to you and use the extra jump to sling over to the
walkway. Go ahead and lure the guard bots to you by going to the edge (for me,
five were on me even though only three lasers touched me). Go back to where you
have three walls to fight them so you don't fall off and be patient as you
kill each one; I would run around like crazy. The coast should be clear and you
need to move along the dam to the other side by either falling through the
opening near you, or just dropping over the empty edge. Two guys are below when
you fall through the hole and more may shoot at you from the building across
the way. Kill the two above and behind you only if you can see them. The next
hook is a bit tricky. It is on the center walkway that is open, and there is
an obstruction in the middle. I got around it by aiming my hook at the side of
it that faces the water below, and I simply fell to the other side, but you
may need to use that extra jump (if you are confused, the obstruction is
above the lowest level and in the center of the dam). From here, use just two
well aimed rockets to eliminate the turrets across the way, and then kill all
the guys in your way as you hook up to the next level. You can get to the big
red wall and fall over to reach the doorway where two final soldiers wait.
Grab the rocket, open the door with a grenade, blast away the door above you on
the wall (a laser scans the area), and hook up there. Turn on the post, destroy
the containers for energy, grab some stuff, and get in the suit. All this was
probably less complex than it seems; if you don't pull it off, just fight your
way to the end. Have your rocket is hand as you enter the mech.

BOSS - Mech 3 "The Quad"

Not a fun fight, all you do is fire at him and nothing more, because you don't
have time to be creative. He has some notable attacks: he can ram you when he
changes to tank mode, he can always fall on top of you, and he has a bunch of
guard bots above him. Be out of the way and preferably on the raised areas
when he turns to a tank, avoid being crushed, and go ahead and ignore the bots
as they only get replaced. He tends to land on the raised areas when you are
in a VS, but he will go for you when on foot.

As you enter the field, move forward and swap you rockets for a quicker gatling
gun. Then go back to the door and move up the way, just so you can get a clear
shot as he enters. The gameplan is simple: pull the triggers and don't let go.
Stay in motion and hover around the arena at all times. Mainly, you want to
dodge his ram attack, but also stay near the raised areas so that the little
bots don't hit you much. That is pretty much it, but I noticed two things:
possibly the bottom of this boss is a weak point, and I think that you can make
his missiles (or whatever those three things he shoots) blow up in his face.
Both, I believe, cause a good bit of damage, but either way, you will do both
if you are constantly shooting.

If you get on foot, all I can say is use your rockets and stay in motion.


Flies to the Fire ftf181
Begin with the usual clearing, and then hook up to the walkway. Aim above the
yellow and black strip to get up to the next level. Grab the stuff up here,
then come back to the post and cross the beam to get a big rocket launcher from
the rocks. Use this to kill the scorpion below, but don't be a tard and blow
yourself up as you aim below. Drop down and grab the portable rockets before
moving on, then come back and finish off the next scorpion with the rest of the
ammo in the big gun. Now move along the little road, but do not go to the top
level unless you want to fight more scorpions. Just squeeze through the green
crates and toss some grenades toward the hole, then move under the door (click
the LS).

Turn on the post and toss a single grenade at the dead center of the mass of
bugs. When you go forward some more, two more scorpions appear and unless you
want to dance with them, just keep chucking grenades at them to move on (and
more bugs show up behind you for some reason). Try to kill the next one that
jumps from the pit, then go to the left and start tossing more grenades to
the scorpions below. Hop down and jump into the new VS, then simply move
forward. Oh, don't miss a rocket on some crates before you get in.

Use the vulcan and kill both hornets as you move out. Then follow the path to
another post, and then keep on.

To the Volcano Dome tvd182
Move along and go into the mad room. Keep firing randomly and only focus on the
hornet when it shows up, then leave this room. Kill the hornet then peer over
the broken side of the bridge, let the wheel thing roll up to you and see if
you can get him stuck in the lava room behind you. If not, then try to kill him
and the three scorpions waiting on the wall across the way (hopefully they will
jump into the lave, but finish them off). Get the post before going below, but
get into the smaller mech behind you first.

Drop down to the edge of the lava fall, and hover your way to the other side.
Lots of stuff on this side, and yes you can fight all the aliens if you wish.
Or you could hover your way forward to a fallen ramp that is below the main
highway you need to get to. Hover over the two wheel tanks that try to run you
over as you cross the area. Go under the road, between the supports holding it
up, jump to the ramp, jump to the road, and then jump over all the junk in the
way between you and the gate.

Don't try to be sneaky, just kill the three bots here and grab more rockets
before jumping in your suit. Swap the shotgun for another gatling gun and then
take on both mechs that pick a fight; go for the one with rockets first. Then
take out four soldiers behind a concrete slab when you are under the bridge.
Hop out and turn on the post, then jump in the nearby fallen mech. Use this guy
to cross the gap to reach the opening where your the post is pointing. I know,
lots of guys to kill, but you don't need to. The hardest part is passing the
drill tank in the way, and you may want to try to destroy this one. Whatever
you do, just try and get your mech down the hole in one piece. Blow up the
bots and move along and up the path.

If you don't have your mech, then use your rockets on the two VSs up the way;
shoot after they dash two times, or when they are close, but try to stay by the
post if you can. With or without a VS, kill them and jump into a new one near
where they were (also another rocket by the wall). Go into the next area and
destroy the VS on the ground near you, the other will raise up and hopefully
remain still so you can destroy it easily. When they are gone, turn on the post
and then make your way up to the door by taking the left wall, and grab the
ammo you find. Go through to the boss.

BOSS - Mech 4 "The Tank"

Before you touch the ground, try to destroy the three small tanks on the ground
first. Then jump to the ground, then up to the ledge on the right side that
has some more vital suits. This ledge is your comfort zone, and leaving puts
you at risk to the world, but don't stay in one spot for too long. I am sure
that aiming for the side is the best option, and the front is just a waste of
ammo. Anything is good, so long as you are aiming at the legs. Rockets and the
grenades in the center are your best friend. Just stay in motion and jump from
the floor to the ledge to avoid his attacks, but while he is in quad mode, you
probably want to go to the floor.

Of course, more mechs to use, but if he is almost done for, just use your
rockets to finish him off on foot if you must.


Raid the Volcano rtv191
Go forward and kill the guy in front and the guy behind you. Then kill two
more, and toss two grenades under the nearby tower. This mob of soldiers will
have to die, but how you do it is up to you. Aim for the heads, use what cover
you can, and don't forget grenades. Activate the post, collect some ammo, but
make sure you bring the plasma gun with you (it's purple). Follow the road to
where there is a small chunk missing and you can see three VSs. Use the plasma
gun to kill all three (they didn't move for me), then drop down, blast away the
two towers, and make your way up the rubble to the next post. Yes, you skipped
a lot of complicated fighting by doing this.

Head inside and hope the VS is stuck in the pit as you destroy the bomb things
in the air; I don't think the plasma blows them up. Either fight or skip the
mech and proceed onwards to the next room with more bombs and some guys. Just
ignore them and fall into the pit below to continue. Kill all you can in the
next room so you can safely activate the post. You can work your way to the
bottom and hop into a tank, or you can take a shortcut to a standard mech. Both
paths lead to the same place, but I think taking the tank is a better choice
since it is a bit stronger. Just work your way down, and if you are on the
wrong side of the river just us your hook on the wall. Use X to crush the
rocks in the way.

Be sure to take out the dongos along the way, but be ready to jump and hover
when you move up and a Wheel Tank pops up behind you. Those red bugs will
cause a lot of damage, so jump around and kill the thing, then work on clearing
the path. Be ready for two more dongos as you go through, and then take out the
two worms in the pit below. There are rockets where the worms were, and then
jump into the new mech and proceed (don't forget to blow up all the containers
for heat). Bring the other gun and destroy all the worms in your way, and then
take a small opening in the wall (the rocks are if you have a tank). Jump up
and start working on the red bugs, but don't linger and go through the door.
Kill everything in this room and then pass through the two doors on the other
side (I don't know where the top paths lead to).

A wheeler will ambush you when you go in, but so long as you keep an eye on
him, you can dodge and shoot his tail with ease. Jump over the bridge thing
and exterminate all the bugs waiting for you in the tunnels (don't go through
the door yet). Come back and get some energy, then hop into the tank that is
hidden in the crate. Now go face the boss.

BOSS - Red Widow

This fight can get messy in a hurry. So work fast and keep your eye on the
prize: her legs. In the tank mech (in walking mode) it will be hard to know
exactly where you are aiming, and no, you can not change the camera. You are
supposed to aim for the two back legs. You do so by placing the back of the
tank over where you think the legs are, because that is all you can do;
thankfully, the weak spots on the legs are big. A few vulcan rounds and a
cannon blast will take out one leg, then you must work on the other. Make sure
you are aiming at the back legs since this boss tends to twist around a lot.
And once one leg is gone, you have to work quick on the next or the other will
pop back up.

When both legs are gone she will fall to the ground and let you have a whack
at the weak spot on her head, so try to be in front of it when she falls (you
should aim at the legs while under her head, so she should fall in front of
you anyway). Unload on her cranium with all you got, and if you have trouble
hitting the spot just hover in the air for a bit. Do this about three times and
you will win; hopefully before a bunch of little bugs are on the ground, and
before she starts getting into her big attacks, like webbing. All of this is
done while you ignore the minions. Just make sure you are focused on the back
legs and this fight will be easy. Oh yes, other mechs in case you screw up,
but those mechs are not as good as the tank.


Just Passing Through jpt1101
Start by getting the energy from the containers, then the rocket, and then
hop into the VS. Jump and hover your way to the path to the right. Run along
the path and then climb the wall and then hop into the hole. Get some energy
and the gatling gun, then fall into the next hole (yes, kill the hornet first).
If you don't know, I'm basically telling you to avoid all the enemies that
were in your way; again, you can fight them if you feel a void in your soul.

Don't dilly dally, note the big monster in the room and then take to the left
path where a lone hornet is in the way. Go down and emerge near the really
big Chryatis, but you don't have to fight him. Just jump over the truck and
head around the rubble and fall into the greenish building with those bomb
things. At the bottom, refuel on heat, switch you mech if needed, and then
keep on to the next post. Then drop into the hole.

BOSS - Akrid King

I don't know what this thing is, but it is the last Akrid boss. Begin by firing
a rocket at the top of one of the arms, the weak spot is at the very tip. When
it retreats, hop out of your VS, shoot that little weak spot as you run to
the hole the arm went into, follow the little tunnel, and then fire at the
tip while it is outside the body, run back out when it goes in. Get back on
your machine and do it again to the same arm. The tiny spots on the body are
points where some Trilid emerge, so keeping those shut will help, but the
spots will reform. You have to chase the arms into the tunnels two times apiece
before they are gone. Before then, the arms tend to pound the ground three
times to attack you; if you go as far to the corner from them, that arm will
miss, but the other arm can still hit you. It is best to hit the arms after
the third hit while they lay on the ground, but then do your best to hit them
in the air. When both are gone, you can focus on the body.

Keep the two holes closed as you can while the head is within the body. The
head will pop up and launch little bullets into the air, and then it will ready
a huge blast. After that blast the head will be revealed from the mouth and
let you briefly take a shot at the tip. Make sure you aim for the tip of the
head, or else you will do no damage. When its health is low, for some reason,
it will begin to show its head more; so just finish it off. Through the fight,
make sure you avoid the attacks by weaving around the field, and don't let
those ice bombs get you either. Lots of suits and lots of ammo, only problem is
the little energy you have coming into the battle, which makes this a timed
fight. Go through the door when you win.

Into the Enemy Lair iel1102
Go up the left path. Okay, if you want to get to the boss quickly, avoid all
the commotion in this room and head for the path right behind the purple post
in the distance. Shoot the containers on the truck and jump over into the next
room. Just fall down over the bridge into an area with many VSs. You want a
drill tank, but first you should kill the enemies in here, and have fun with
it because you have a bunch of mechs to chew through. Just save one fresh
drill tank for the boss ahead and fall through the hole in the floor by the

*NOTE: you may want to bring about 3,000 or so units of energy with you to
get through the fight, since I kinda made you blaze through the level. Get it
from the mechs that you kill in the last room.

BOSS - Mech 5 "Bandero's VS"

Well, I'd be lying if I said there was an easy, or not so obvious way to kill
this guy. It comes down to you avoiding his missiles and his ram attack, then
pop him with some missiles of your own before he runs away. The drill mech has
a cannon that fires pretty fast, so it is a good choice. The best time to get
him is after he rams from one side of the room to another, where he is still
for a brief time. You can't really chase him down, so just wait for him to
show himself. I found this fight a bit easier from the side of the room he
came from, just because it was more open and he tends to stay around that area.
Going into the pillars leaves you at risk from all sides, so get through there
quickly. When he gets in close, just back away and get in some good hits, but
I don't think you can avoid all of the damage.

There are a couple of spare suits in here, some containers of heat in the
corners, and when you are on foot, rockets may be enough to finish the battle.
Not a hard fight, just make sure you don't waste much ammo and that you keep
a read on where he is.

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